Choosing a Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are a tradition as old as weddings themselves. In recent years, brides and grooms have begun to incorporate more modern themes into the wedding ceremony and reception—forgoing many of the customary bridal practices of generations past. However, the symbolic wedding cake seems to be the one tradition that couples will always include in the wedding celebration. Here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we've put together a gallery of wedding cakes pictures to browse through as well some useful tips to assist you in choosing a wedding cake.

Beginning the Wedding Cake Search
Approach your wedding cake search just as you did when you started the search for your wedding dress, florist, and reception and ceremony sites. Look through magazines, books—even the design of your wedding dress can serve as inspiration in helping you communicate ideas for creating your wedding cake. Image gallories of wedding cakes pictures are also a great idea source.

Most bakeries and pastry chefs require you to schedule an appointment or consultation for wedding cake jobs. This initial meeting with the pastry chef is all about brainstorming. He or she will want to know your tastes—your aesthetic preferences as well as the flavors you love most. They will also ask you about the number of tiers to include as well as the kinds of embellishments you’d like to see on the wedding cake. You should choose a pastry chef with experience in creating cakes in a variety of sizes and flavors and not feel limited to simply go with standards like chocolate and vanilla with butter cream frosting. Ask to see the chef's portfolio other wedding cakes pictures he or she has created to get a feel for their talents.

Another important detail to discuss at your initial meeting is quantity. Usually, choosing the wedding cake is one of the "end of the list" items, which means RSVPs should have started to trickle in by this time and you can provide an estimate of the number of guests you plan to host at your reception. However, when choosing the size of your cake, keep in mind that round and square designs are the easiest to slice and can serve a larger number of guests than other wedding cake sizes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Cake
Looking for ideas to help you select a truly original wedding cake? Keep the following elements in mind during your search through wedding cakes pictures and options.

  1. Your wedding colors
  2. Floral designs used for the bride’s bouquet and throughout the wedding
  3. Location of the reception site (indoor or outdoor)
  4. Designs and patterns used on your veil or wedding dress

These aspects will serve as a starting point for conceptualizing the type of cake that will work best for you.

Wedding Cake Fees
Once you’ve hired a pastry chef whom you believe can turn your wedding cakes pictures and vision into a reality, you’ll need to finalize things on the business side. Most bakeries request around seven weeks to create wedding cakes, and you will need to place a deposit on your order to get the process started. The standard price per slice of wedding cake is $2-$3, and increases by the size of the cake and the complexity of the design. If your wedding cake creation is completely one of a kind and the chef must custom sketch and implement your design from scratch, verify whether this is a standard charge or if you’ll have to pay extra. Also, ask if you are required to pay for a knife and server set or if they will provide one for you.

If you plan to pay for your cake in installments, verify when final payment is due. Furthermore, get all costs in writing to avoid any confusion in payment terms. Last, but not least, ask for confirmation on who is responsible for delivering the wedding cake to the reception site. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is transporting a multi-tiered wedding cake across town.

Wedding Cake Setup and Serving Tips
Making the most of your wedding cakes pictures. Once you’re cake has been created, remember these tips for setup and serving guests:

  • The wedding cake should be displayed on the side or away from the guest tables and the main table, as to not risk anyone bumping or accidentally knocking it over.
  • The cake should be served at the end of the reception, after guests have finished the meal.
  • The bride and groom are to receive the first slices of cake, after which, guests will be served pre-cut slices.
  • Once the bride and groom have received their slices, the top tier of the cake should be removed, bagged for the couple to store for one year to serve as their customary anniversary slice.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when choosing your wedding cake with your wedding planning. Your wedding cakes pictures will last a lifetime. And after all, this is your day; you’re entitled to have your cake . . . and eat it, too!

Image courtesy of Offidani Photography