Enhance Your Wedding Decor Ideas

The decor is truly what makes your wedding stand out from every other couple. The way you choose to decorate your ceremony and reception should be a reflection of your personality and style.

In addition to flowers, there are other wedding decorations to consider such as candles, linens, lighting and other accent furniture. Even ice carvings and tents can be options for your decor. Your wedding flowers can enhance each of these.

Prior to meeting with a florist or decorator, you should have some wedding decor ideas. There are many magazines and books you can use to research your look. You should have good knowledge of what you plan to spend on decor, because it can get expensive. Lighting and linens do not have to be budget breakers, but you do have to spend wisely.

The following are just some areas where you will need wedding decorations:

  • Personal flowers such as bouquets and boutonnieres. Make sure to take a list of all people who will need flowers.
  • Ceremony location. Arches, aisle candles and altar arrangements are traditional, but you should also consider fabric draping, trees and plants.
  • Reception site. There are so many decorative items available for receptions. You can rent special chairs, or covers for the reception site’s existing chairs. Centerpieces can also be extravagant floral arrangements or simple candles of varying heights.

Incorporate a theme into your wedding is another way to enhance your wedding decorations. If you have a winter-themed wedding, consider individual ice sculptures for each table.

Start shopping early for your florist. Choose the one who understands your wedding decor ideas the best. Get a detailed proposal of everything he or she plans to do including setup and breakdown fees. Your florist may also work with other decor vendors such as linen and lighting companies. Don’t forget to ask who he recommends.

Remember to take a photograph of your wedding gown and a swatch if you have one. These will help your florist recommend flowers and linen colors.

Ideas for wedding decorations can come from any inspiration you have. Just remember to keep an open mind when meeting with your florist and decorator. You never know if they will suggest something perfect.

Susan Southerland is president and founder of Just Marry! and the wedding planning expert for the Perfect Wedding Guide. For more wedding planning tips and ideas, visit Susan's blog.

Photo courtesy of Scoobie's Photographic Images.