How to Accessorize Your Bridal Bouquet

Diamonds and broaches are not just for the neck, ears and hair anymore. The new trend is to use these beautiful and dazzling accessories to enhance your bridal bouquet.

A piece of glittering jewelry adds elegance and style to your already beautiful bouquet. A family heir loomed broach adds something old and something bold to your ensemble. With these kinds of bridal bouquet adornments, floral designers can help you create a bouquet that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Though traditional and white are never wrong, color and sparkle add a whole new dimension to your petals. Pearl drops, rhinestones, and even other precious stones are accompanying the bride and her bouquet as she walks down the aisle. Color from the flowers adds a great contrast to the bridal gown, and the glam and glitter from the jewels tie the two together.

Your wedding flowers and bouquet, when first handed to you by your floral designer, should take your breath away. Be sure to make this happen with careful floral planning and researching styles that catch your eye.

Look through our wedding flowers idea gallery and our floral designer galleries to see what styles you like the most. Make a file with pictures, and magazine clippings that represent what you prefer with your wedding planning. Always take this folder with you when meeting with your local floral designer. If this step is missed there is always room for error. You cannot expect your thoughts and your designer's thoughts to always coincide. Looking at pictures together will help you end up with exactly what you envisioned your bridal bouquet to be. And don’t forget to bring along the jewels you have picked out to go with wedding flowers and your dress.

It is important to have your wedding dress picked out before you pick out your bouquet and your bridal bouquet adornments. You want the two to complement each other. If you are picking out pearl drops to go into your bouquet, then you would want pearls on your bridal gown; the same with the rhinestones.

With a little planning and research, you’re sure to find the right accessories to make your bridal bouquet really stand out.

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Image by Bryan's Photography