How to Design a Show-stopping Wedding Cake

Other than the wedding gown, there is no more recognized symbol of a wedding than the wedding cake. Cakes have become spectacular works-of-art that express your style and often take center stage of your overall wedding decor. And when have you glanced through wedding albums without seeing wedding cakes pictures. Here are some ideas to make your cake look spectacular:

Take inspiration from your wedding gown

The shape of the lace and embellishments in your gown can become a great foundation for the design on your cake.

Add some color

Ask the pastry chef to include shades of your wedding’s color palette to your cake design. If you don’t want bold or dominating color in your cake, look down the color wheel for a paler version of one of your preferred colors.
See our wedding cakes pictures for more ideas

Include a unique cake topper

From cake jewelry and flowers to King Kong holding a statuette of the bride, cake toppers can be elegant and sophisticated or just plain fun. Allow your topper to really express your personality.

Use a beautiful cake stand

Most pastry chefs have a wide selection of cake stands that you can rent and return. The extra touch gives the cake some height and really showcases its design.

Put a spotlight on the cake

Many reception sites offer this option, and the extra light really highlights the cake as a focal point in the room throughout the event and in your wedding cakes pictures.

Now you have some great ideas for the look of the most important cake you are ever likely to eat.

Susan Southerland is the national wedding expert for Perfect Wedding Guide. To learn more of her wedding planning tips and secrets, visit her blog.