Popular Wedding Themes

Most weddings have the same basic elements: a ceremony followed by a reception, food and dancing. For this reason, many couples find it difficult to set their wedding decorations apart from the norm. However, there are some popular wedding planning themes and trends that you can borrow from to make your day memorable.

Local Inspiration

Finding something about the location of your wedding to draw inspiration from and then incorporating it into your wedding theme is a great idea. For instance, if your wedding will be at the beach, sea shells and palm trees instantly arouse the notion of a tropical locale.

Cultural Cues

Wedding themes are a great way for couples to get focused on all other aspects of their wedding celebration. An Asian-inspired wedding, for example, lends well to orchids in the bride’s bouquet and parasols used as table centerpieces. To further elaborate on this theme, fortune cookies with customized messages from the bride and groom packaged in miniature take-out boxes make the perfect favor. Even the programs can have an Asian influence by using a fan shape to print the ceremony and wedding decorations details.

Seasonal Sensations

Seasonal weddings always make perfect sense. If your wedding will be hosted in the fall, consider a color palette right out of nature and the turning leaves. Place cards inserted into small pumpkins, wedding favors of apple cider mix, a monogram with a leaf in the background are all great ways to interpret fall with wedding decorations. Snowflakes for a winter wedding, tulips for the spring and beach chairs for the summer are all common connections. However, use your imagination to come up with your own seasonal wedding theme. What comes to your mind when you think about the season or month your wedding will be hosted?

It’s the details that will make your wedding stand apart from the rest. Some of these popular wedding themes and ideas can certainly make your big day memorable!