Q and A: Wedding Fashion: My MIL Wants to Wear White To the Wedding

Q. My future mother-in-law has decided to wear a white dress at our beachside wedding. How can I tell her that white is the bride’s color, and suggest she find another option?

A: Dealing with in-laws can be tricky business. You don’t want to start your marriage off on the wrong foot. My first question would be, is it really that important to you that she not wear white? Everyone will clearly know that you are the bride. If the answer is yes, you really don’t want her to wear white, I would go to your fiance for help. Tell him that you want to be the only one wearing white on the wedding day and ask him if he could gently ask his mother to choose another color in her wedding fashion. Perhaps tell her what your other wedding color is and mention that she would look stunning in a dress of that color.

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