Reception Decor: All the Small Details

Turning a blank slate into a beautiful reception venue takes hard work, a keen eye for detail and lots of imagination. Whether your reception will take place outdoors under a tent, within the walls of a large banquet hall or the intimate quarters of a private home, you’ll want your reception wedding decorations to showcase your unique style. Here, a list of the small, but important decorative details used to transform a plain space into a venue worthy of picture-perfect presentation.

One of the first things guests will notice once seated at their table is the centerpiece. It sets the mood for the venue and calls to order the decorative design for the rest of the room. To gather ideas for floral centerpieces, look to your color scheme. For elegant and sophisticated designs, uses smaller blooms (garden roses, tulips) in lush shades. Or forgo flowers for more unique centerpiece arrangements like bowls of fresh fruit in vibrant colors or distinctly shaped vases filled with natural elements like moss, dried leaves and stalks of wheat (perfect for the eco-conscious couple). If it’s the romantic ambiance of soft lighting, use tall and short pillar candles interspersed on the table base. For more wedding decorations ideas visit our image gallery and be inspired.

Place Cards
Although the wedding stationery went out months ago, you can still welcome your guests with elegantly printed place cards. Calligraphy on heavy stock gives a sophisticated feel to a seated meal, while letterpress on colored stock adds a bit of personality. For a touch of whimsy, play with paper shapes (circles vs. squares), experiment with texture (recycled cotton) and sample decorative or seasonal motifs (flowers, acorns, fruit) to adorn a basic ivory place card.

The first dance, the announcing of the wedding party, the cutting of the cake…they all have one thing in common—each is enhanced by lighting. Another element of wedding decorations. Whether it’s candles, twinkle lights, lanterns or paper luminaries, your venue will really shine under the right lighting. The wedding planner or event designer will know all the best tricks to use (color wash, LED, etc.), for spotlighting walls, window treatments, and other locations inside the venue, so turn to them for expertise on how to set off a room with luminosity.

Cover drab walls, unattractive ceilings and windows by draping them with beautiful fabrics and tiny lights. Draping delicate fabrics (think tulle) from the ceiling to the walls calls for expert design and execution, but when done properly it can transform a desperate space into a regal room. Not only is draping used for decorative purposes, it’s also used to enhance a room’s acoustics by reducing echoes and excessive noise.

Chairs and covers

Wedding decorations don't stop here. Don’t think seating can be a great focal point? Think again! Beautiful chair covers can enhance any seating arrangement. Turn up the wow factor by dressing seats in soft tulle, decorating chair backs with ribbons and bows or selecting jewel-toned colored chairs to surround guests’ tables.

No matter how beautiful the wedding, voluminous the flowers or exquisitely decorated the space, the one thing your guests will always remember is a stained or threadbare tablecloth. Choose stiff fabrics for table linens and make sure to have them laundered and ironed prior to placing them on tabletops. Also, measure tables to select the right size tablecloths and the appropriate shape (round, square, etc.). As a rule of thumb, tablecloths should come down at least eight inches from the edge of the table.

For more wedding decorations check out our image gallery.

Floor covers
Not loving the shabby, oversized rug? Want to separate the dance floor from the rest of the room? Most event rental companies carry modular dance floor tiles and rental carpets which are lightweight and easy to install and dismantle without damaging the existing floor space.

Wedding receptions are all about the "wow." Impress your guests by making thoughtful decisions with your reception wedding decorations. It doesn't take a lot of money for wedding planning, just an attention to all the small details.