Second Weddings: Tips and Ideas

Consider these simple and easy wedding essentials tips for planning your second wedding.

1. Try a theme: Themes are great for couples who want to express their fun-loving personality. If you’re of the baby boomer generation, a flower child/Woodstock theme is an example of a themed wedding. Or go even more period and try the 1930s. Art Deco is a very popular design that can be replicated everywhere from a structured gown, gloves and a hat etc., to the table settings and floral designs.

2. Write your own vows: If you’ve had the traditional church service, why not write your own vows for your second wedding. If you have children, you can involve them in the ritual, where they can have speaking roles or not depending upon their age and inclination.

3. Move it outdoors: If both the bride and groom have been married before, and you are blending traditions or cultures, hold the ceremony and reception outdoors.

4. Incorporate meaningful symbols for wedding essentials : Flowers and herbs lend a special glamor to the day, if you think about what scents you love, you can create unique memories for you and your guests with your wedding planning. Create an outdoor altar and ask your family or special friends to come forward with a flower/herb and explain the significance to the wedding couple. If you plan ahead you can plant a wedding garden, harvest what you need for your marriage ceremony and enjoy the garden for years to come.

Linda L. Gunter is the proprietor of Millhouse at Richland Creek, a bed and breakfast nestled in the woods of Randolph County, North Carolina.