Tips for Selecting a Modern Wedding Cake

When it comes to your wedding, a modern wedding cake can be as elegant as a traditional one. Gone are the days of mandatory multi-tiered white cakes. Why limit yourself? Your wedding cake should be a beautiful work of confectioner’s art. After all, its design and detail will live in wedding cakes pictures, as well as the memories of friends and family.

Although essential, there’s more to consider than just good taste. Exotic flavors, textures and shapes can add romance and reflect your sophistication and sense of style. Bakers are more than prepared to create modern wedding cakes with only your imagination limiting you.

Wedding Cake Flavor
There are few limitations on flavor, whether it’s for the batter, the filling or the frosting.

Some of the most popular cake batters include chocolate, lemon and golden. But pound cake, carrot cake and other specialties are increasingly popular. Tradition is white cake with a filling, but with more modern wedding cakes, you can have red velvet, pound cake and even cheesecake.

Adding to your wedding cakes pictures opportunities; Fillings can range from fruit like raspberry or lemon to liqueur-based flavors like Amaretto or Frangelico. White chocolate also is used extensively. And if you can’t decide on a single flavor, consider a different one for each tier.

Although there are many icing options, the two most popular are butter cream and fondant. Butter cream is smooth, creamy and easily dyed to match your wedding colors. Fondant is made of flavored corn syrup and gelatin, but it’s draped over a cake instead of being smoothly applied with a knife. The result is a shiny, porcelain-like surface that’s easily decorated. More modern wedding cakes are beginning to color the butter cream and fondant to match their color or theme. See wedding cakes pictures for more ideas.

It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same tastes you do. For example, your fiance's suggested hazelnut cake with Drambuie-based icing and fresh mango slices could turn off a lot of people. As a result, some couples tend to shade toward the conservative. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should suppress your tastes and personalities. It’s just polite to consider who else will enjoy your cake with you.

Wedding Cake Design
Time is money. The more labor-intensive your modern wedding cake design is, the more it will cost. If you want extensively detailed icing, which requires skills, creativity and remarkable patience, you’ll pay more. See wedding cakes pictures for more visual ideas but continue reading for tips on cutting costs.

You need to know how many guests will attend because this figure determines the size of your cake and whether additional ones will be necessary. Bakers often base their charges on a per-slice basis. If you plan a reception for 100 people and the cake price is $2 a slice, your cost will be at least $200. Some reception sites with in-house catering also charge a per-slice cutting fee if you don’t use their bakers.

You’d never know from the wedding cakes pictures. If the cake you want is out of your price range, consider having a smaller version baked for you to display and cut, and serve sheet cakes with similar design elements to guests. A more recent trend for modern wedding cakes is to have only the bottom layer of the cake real. The rest will be made of cardboard. This way, you save some money but get the overall look.

As for decoration, as seen in wedding cakes pictures, cake designs tend to follow bridal As for decoration, as seen in wedding cakes pictures, cake designs tend to follow bridal fashion. Just as large ballroom gowns with yards of taffeta are increasingly rare, so are cakes smothered in ornate frosting. Natural design elements like fresh flowers and fruit have stepped to the front.

There is a growing trend toward smaller cakes, such as petit fours, cupcakes or other individual-sized portions. In some cases, each wedding guest receives a miniature version of the wedding cake. But remember that such an approach increases the labor involved, as well as the price.

As you design your wedding cake and browse through the many wedding cakes pictures available to you, don’t let your many options overwhelmed you. They’re just opportunities to create a confectionary delight that’s laden not just with great taste, but with the happiness, romance and memories of wedding planning your perfect day.

Image courtesy of PhotoEdge.