Tuxedos 101

Once you have picked your wedding colors and the groomsmen for your wedding party, it is time to select tuxedos. Finding formal wedding fashion is an easy item to check off your to-do list, and gives your groom a pivotal role in the wedding planning process.

For starters, have all of your men measured as soon as you pick out the tuxedos (the ring bearer should wait until one month out to ensure his growing body fits his tuxedo). All tuxedo shops work with out of town wedding members; don’t let that be an excuse for tardy measurements. Here’s our crash course in Tuxedos 101 to ensure you pick the right look for your wedding party.

Style of Tuxedo Jacket
When selecting a tuxedo jacket for your wedding fashion, pay close attention to the number of buttons and the lapel. Basic styles will have between one and three buttons. Two-button styles are most common, due to their ability to look great on a number of body shapes and sizes. The most common lapel choices are notched and peak. Peak lapels are very popular on the red carpet right now but notched lapels are still most common at weddings. Tuxedo jackets with tails are for black-tie weddings and are decreasing in popularity. Next pay attention to the detail on the coat. Traditional black is the most popular in wedding fashion followed closely by a shadow stripe detail. Chocolate tuxedos have emerged in full force and gray or silver has recently been added to a couple’s selection. Although the style is the biggest deciding factor for selecting a tux, you should also consider comfort. Keep in mind a lightweight, breathable fabric will be desired by your men.

Style of Shirt
When selecting a shirt pay attention to the collar. A laydown collar is most common with a laydown tie but the wing collar is also a choice. You also have the choice of white, ivory or black shirts.

Style of Tie
When selecting a tie you must choose between a bow tie and lay down tie. The laydown tie, typically a Windsor (typical suit tie) instead of an ascot, is the most popular choice. Traditionally most lay down ties worn for wedding fashion are solids but now many striped patterns are offered.

Style of Vest
Most vests are 5 buttons and are either a full back or bib style. Bib styles work well for hard to fit men. Most wedding parties are opting for patterned metallic vests with wedding fashion, with paisley being the most popular. Cummerbunds are an unpopular choice.

Shoes and cufflinks are also commonly included with tuxedo rentals. Be sure everyone in your party rents shoes to keep a consistent look. A mixture of patent leather and matte finish shoes will be noticeable by your guests and visible in pictures. Pocket squares that coordinate with the vest and tie are also a popular wedding fashion accessory that finishes off a tuxedo.

All tuxedos and wedding fashion should be rented from the same vendor and any man who will be in many of your wedding pictures should be in a tuxedo to ensure a consistent look across your wedding party and in the pictures you are taking to create memories. This means if Grandfathers will be in many of the pictures they should wear a tuxedo, too. It is a good overall look for any man with a job at the wedding to be in a tuxedo. Even your photographer since he will be moving around the ceremony site during the ceremony.

The groom’s vest, tie and shirt color usually matches the bride’s dress color, usually white or ivory. The groomsmen’s vest and ties match the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses. The ring bearer matches the groom or flower girl. The ushers, father's and grandfathers typically don vests and ties in black or silver. This is to avoid too many different wedding fashion colors in a small group. Again, thinking of how the wedding photos will look.

Questions to ask your Tuxedo Vendor:

Six questions to ask your tux vendor when selecting attire for your wedding party:
1) What does the cost include (shoes, pocket squares, cuff links and socks)?
2) Is there a waiver fee or rental insurance?
3) Is there a price break or free rental after so many paid tuxedos?
4) Can the ring bearer wear the same tuxedo?
5) Does the ring bearer tuxedo cost lower?
6) When do the tuxedos have to be returned?

Follow this guide to find the perfect tuxedos and wedding fashion to compliment the rest of the wedding party.