Using Bridal Monograms to Accent Wedding Decor

Many brides wonder, "how can I individualize my wedding and leave a lasting impression on my guests?" The answer is simple: with a new wedding monogram.

When you first heard the word monogram you might have thought of granny’s good towels, but today they’re used for all kinds of purposes. Wedding monograms are trendy and exquisitely elegant. These special letters represent both you and your husband and more importantly your union as man and wife.

Within the past year, this trend has been popping up as wedding decorations in ceremonies and receptions all around the country. When it comes to wedding monograms, anything goes. Along with the traditional letters of the bride’s first name, the groom’s first name and the groom’s last name, couples today are opting for creative alternatives. This may include using entire first names and the last name, only using first initials, or the last name only. You also have creative freedom to choose any font and color for your monogram.

What better method to express your unity in front of your beloved family and friends than the symbol of your two names joined together? The wedding monogram is a long-lasting symbol of your lives together.

In addition to allowing your guests to feel a special connection to you (and your husband), monogramming can provide a theme that is unique only to you. Don’t hesitate to look outside of traditional items to provide a platform for your wedding monogram. See our gallery of wedding decorations for more inspiring ideas.
To help you get started, some common examples include:

  • Cakes
  • Stationary
  • Lighting
  • Isle runners
  • Hanging banners
  • Napkins
  • Greenery
  • Bouquets

As with most things that are personalized, creating your wedding monogram and having it placed on those special items may require an extended ordering time and additional costs. So, be sure to discuss your wedding decorations and monogramming ideas with your wedding vendors early on in the wedding planning process.

Image courtesy of PhotoEdge.