Wedding Accessories: 10 Hot Trends To Wear Now

While wedding accessories might not always be the feature of your big day, they are a wonderful addition to stylize and complete your wedding ensemble. From a stunning hairpiece to shiny-studded shoes, there are countless ways to create an unforgettable look. We've selected ten small accessories with big wow factor.

1. Shoe Clips

Once popular in the 1980's, shoe clips are making their way back into the fashion fold as a way to add a little bling to an otherwise simple shoe. Plus,shoe clips can work double duty—add them to a clutch, a hat or even use them for pinning scarves.

2. Brooches
This classic piece is great for vintage-y looks. Eye-catching and detailed,these little wedding accessories can add just the right touch to create a look reminiscent of the past. Today’s brooch styles also pay homage to the old-school look, but with a modern twist. They come in many different styles and designs — from classic to quirky.

3. Belts

A gorgeous lace belt can add a dramatic edge to an otherwise simple gown. Some even feature a pop of color or ornate beading, both of which make this accessory feminine and fashionable.

4. Beaded Headbands
In the style of flappers and 1940s fashion icons, beaded headbands are a fantastic way to add something extra to a classic hairstyle. They are an elegant alternative to the traditional tiara and work with both up-dos and down-dos. These headpieces have made an overwhelming comeback, as many designers have released modern takes on these vintage accessories.

5. Cuffs
Bridal cuffs can add fantastic detailing that flows with your wedding dress.These wedding accessories are an innovative alternative to gloves or bracelets and come in many different styles and materials. Whether you prefer lace,flowers, crystals, or something totally shabby-chic and unique, cuffs can be fashioned to fit any style.

6. Spray Pins

A simple accessory with overwhelming detail, spray pins add the perfect touch to a wedding hairstyle. These little pins are both practical and decorative and come in many different styles. Many designers have have options featuring colored Swarovski crystals and intricate flower detailing to keep up with the modern bride.

7. Combs
In true princess styling, hair combs can add a fitting feminine touch to your wedding look. Of all wedding accessories, hair combs are perhaps some of the most classic. Many brides incorporate combs that were once a family heirloom,but designers have also created beautiful modern interpretations featuring silk flowers and porcelain designs.

8. Bib Necklace
A vastly popular trend on the fashion front, bib necklaces have made an impressive entrance into the world of wedding accessories. Featuring unique juxtapositions of crystals, flowers, or beads, bib necklaces add a powerful and unforgettable approach to a wedding ensemble.

9. Feathers
This is easily one of the hottest trends of the season. Ever since Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker donned a plume for her on-screen character’s wedding ensemble, wedding planning brides everywhere have been clamoring for“Carrie-inspired” headpieces. A pop with a peacock feather is great, and designers like Jennifer Behr have incorporated fantastic feather headpieces into their latest collections. While feathers can add a wow factor to your wedding attire, use subtly to compliment the rest of your bridal look.

10. Hair Vines
This handy little chic accessory can create multiple looks for your hair. Use it with your updo to add a flattering touch of sparkle.