Wedding Cakes: 5 Questions to Ask Your Baker

Finding a wedding cake is an important wedding planning task. Since your wedding cake will be spotlight of the wedding reception and wedding cakes pictures, choosing a baker or pastry chef will take a little know-how. Here, five critical questions to ask your cake baker about your wedding reception centerpiece.

How long have you been in business?
You’ll want to select a seasoned cake baker to create your confections as opposed to someone who is just starting out in the business. Ask to see a portfolio of their work and a business license before you book.

What are my options?
Will you have the choice of a custom cake or will you select from a set of pre-selected designs from a collection of wedding cakes pictures? What types of frosting and filling are available (buttercream, fruit filling, etc.)? Can you create cakes for those with special dietary needs (gluten-free)? Can you bring in photos or fabric swatches as examples for designs and embellishment? These are all questions you’ll need to ask in advance.

What are your prices?
Some bakeries price their wedding cakes per slice. Others price by the amount of labor is put into designing the cake. Custom cakes will almost always come with a higher price tag. Also, some bakers charge an additional cost for the top tier of the wedding cake. Be sure to ask if the top tier is a separate charge or included in the cost of the cake. See our wedding cakes pictures for examples of these.

When is the cake prepared?
Will the pastry chef bake the cake closer to the day of the wedding or several days out? The fresher the cake, the better.

How will my cake be delivered?
Cakes are delivered to the reception site in one of two ways: either the baker will deliver it for a fee, or you will be responsible to picking it up yourself. Our advice, save yourself the headache on the day of your wedding and have the cake delivered by the pros.