Wedding Cakes: 8 Important Contract Details

Finalizing your wedding cake selection soon for your wedding planning? Viewing wedding cakes pictures will be one of your first steps, but certainly not the last. Be sure to include these eight important details with your cake baker before you sign for it.

1. Contact Information:

Name, email address, and phone numbers for the baker.

2. Point Person(s):

Names of all persons assigned to delivery and set-up of the wedding cake

3. Delivery details:

Date, time, address of wedding reception.

4. Cake confirmations:

Cake shape, cake flavor, number of tiers, selected cake topper, cake filling.
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5. Monetary obligations:

Due dates of all deposits, final payments, and cancellation/refund policy.

6. Logistics and setup:

Number of servings; location of wedding cake stand; list of rented items (cake stand, knife and server sets, etc.)

7. Itemized list of fees:

Service charges, delivery, setup, tax.

8. Signatures of both parties:

your signature and your cake baker’s signature