Wedding Cakes: Tips On How to Make Your Wedding Cake Stand Out

Presentation is just as important as taste. Here, a few embellishments and designs to turn any wedding cake and wedding cakes pictures from drab to fab.


Adding fresh flowers to a wedding cake is a classic design element that cake bakers and pastry chefs often use. Incorporate blooms from your bouquet or colorful petals to coordinate with your wedding planning decor. Or, if you prefer, ask your pastry chef to recreate sugar flowers to add a beautiful, and edible, touch to your cake.

Flavors and fillings

Let your wedding cake flavor take a cue from the season with tasty fillings. For spring and summer weddings, consider berry flavors such as lemon, strawberry and mint. If yours is a fall or winter affair, try a richer, earthy flavor like chocolate, mocha or spice. Other tried and true flavors: meringue and mascarpone.

Shapes and sizes

These days you can find a cake in just about any size and shape. From round to square to topsy-turvy…even hexagonal—if you can imagine it, a seasoned cake baker can create it. (See more wedding cakes pictures).


The ultimate symbol of family and unity, monograms are great decorative elements for your wedding—especially with the wedding cake. It’s equally classic and personal, using monograms as the single decorative theme allows your cake to speak for itself with a modest approach.


What better way to let your personality shine than through the color of your wedding cake. If traditional white isn’t your thing, talk with your cake baker about creating a color that compliments the decor of your wedding. Some popular colors of wedding cakes include greens, oranges and pinks. If you’re not ready to make the full-on commitment, try pops of color here and there with sugar ribbons, piping and other embellishments.
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