Wedding Dresses: A Fabric Glossary

Shopping for a dress is one of the most important items on your wedding planning list of things to do. Brush up on your wedding fashion know-how with this glossary of popular fabrics and materials.

Chantilly Lace
Delicate bobbin lace used for veils

lightweight fabric with a smooth, satin-like front.

Sheer, transparent fabric made from lightweight material such as polyester and silk. Often used for layering skirts or on dress sleeves.

Dotted Swiss Tulle
Sometimes called point d’esprit. Net lace used for underskirts and petticoats.

a woven, textured fabric with ribbed appearance. Resembles grosgrain ribbon.

A type of organza made from cotton.

Sheer fabric with stiff texture used as an overlay.

Peau de Soie
Sometimes called duchess satin, this fabric has substantial weight with a smooth front and dull luster.

Reimbroidered Lace (alencon)
A needlepoint lace used for creating floral designs on top of a net.

A heavier fabric with shiny surface.

Also called dupioni silk with a finish similar to raw silk, shantung is created from silkworm cocoons giving off a pulled or irregular texture.

a natural fiber made from the cocoons of worms. Silk is often the most used fabric for wedding fashion.

Smooth fabric made with twisted yard. Taffeta is sometimes treated by process called calendaring to give it a wavy appearance.

A heavier fabric woven with short threads. Velvet has a soft, supple feel.