Wedding Formal Wear Options

When it comes to wedding formal wear for your groom and his groomsmen, it all depends on you. Your bridalgown sets the standard of formality for their wedding fashion. If your dress is formal, theirs should be, too.

Another wedding planning consideration for selecting formal wearis timing. If you plan a daytime wedding, the men in your wedding party can be more casually attired. Of course, with the term ”casual,” it’s a question of gradation, not black-tie versus Bermuda shorts.

Despite the stereotype that most of us have when it comes to wedding formal wear, today’s tuxedos aren’t usually stiff, tight or uncomfortable. They come in a range of fabrics and designs that “breathe,” drape well and allow easy movement. Although you can get tuxedos in several colors, including white and gray, traditional black is always in style and remains the dominant choice for wedding fashion.

Wedding Formal Wear: The Suit
Your first decision is which jacket to choose, andthere are three basic tuxedo styles from which to choose. The most popular has a notched lapel and is single-breasted. A popular variation is the shawl cut collar, which is rounded and isn’t notched. A third, the peaked jacket, has a broad lapel that comes to the collar line and points up and out. Variations in tuxedo wedding fashion can include double-breasted designs, jacket vents, pocket and button numbers and styling, multi-layered lapels, and formal tails. There’s noshortage of choices when it comes toformal wear for your wedding, and ittruly comes down to your personal preferences.

Wedding Formal Wear: The Accessories
Once you’ve decided on the suit, you should consider the many formal wearaccessories that exist. It’s these small details that create impact and set your groom’s overall style. Accessories can include ties, vests, cummerbunds, shoes and jewelry.

Vests have overtaken cummerbunds in popularity because they don’t ride up one’s waist. A growing trend in wedding formal wear is the full-backed vest, which lets your groom remove his jacket at the wedding reception while still looking well dressed.