Wedding Makeup Tips for Summer Brides

Every woman wants to be beautiful on her big day, and these four wedding makeup tips for summer brides are sure to capture her true bridal beauty.

1. Emphasize the eyes

Sheer foundation that doesn’t mask your skin is important, this summer season the trend is all about the eyes. False lashes are the perfect way to add a little glamour to your eyes as well and make them “pop”. Long and lush lashes, shimmery shadows and lots of eyeliner will make your eyes smolder and have everyone hold their gaze just a little bit longer.

2. Blushing bride
A touch of peach blush gives cheeks a warm hint of color and looks great against every skin tone.

3. Pucker up
A neutral (nude) pink toned matte lipstick compliments peach-colored blush. Flesh tone colored lipsticks and glosses are a
wedding makeup favorite because unlike red, they don’t appear smeared after kissing, eating and drinking all night.

4. Play it safe

Natural beauty with captivating eyes is the look you want to go for this summer season. Not only does the trend look amazing in person, but it’s enchanting in picture. Be sure to use water-proof products when possible to ensure no amount of tears will disturb it and you will be runway ready when you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you

wedding makeup tips will help you look your best at a summer wedding. Even if you consider yourself a minimalist when it comes to your makeup routine, consult with a professional makeup artist to set up a trial for your wedding planning and see what the look will do for you and your comfort level.

Christina Kazadzis
is a professional airbrush makeup artist, eyelash extensionist and owner of Touch of Color Airbrush Makeup Artistry. She has been a makeup artist for over 10 years, and has experience working with brides and editorial for print and television.