Wedding Photography Tips Exposed: Secrets for Taking Great Pictures

Use these wedding photography tips to get picture perfect shots of your wedding day.

Money Matters

Before signing a contract with a wedding photographer, ask for a list explaining what the fee or photo package entails (number of prints, completed album, available print sizes, travel fee, taxes etc.). Also, have the photographer give you a specific date of when the completed album or photos will be available for pickup.

Ask your photographer for negatives/digital prints in case you need to make duplicates of your wedding photos. Photo centers can often times make duplicate prints at a lower cost than ones developed by a professional photographer.

Verify the payment schedule with the wedding photographer. If you make a deposit, ask when the final balance is due.

For your protection, request a cancellation/refund policy be added into your wedding photography contract.

Use Your Time Wisely

Assign a point person to assist the photographer in gathering family members and friends for each shot.

Ask the photographer to arrive a few hours early to take posed pictures before the wedding ceremony. They usually require the most amount of planning and time.

Ask both sets of parents to provide the names of family members they’d like include in the pictures, in case your list leaves out anyone.

Mix it Up

Traditional wedding photos capture posed shots of the family and the wedding party. But what about the spontaneous moments that you might have missed? Ask the photographer to take a few standard, posed shots, and focus more on capturing the candid moments that you’ll want to remember forever.

Give the wedding photographer a list of poses that you’d like to see. Include a mix of sitting and standing shots both indoors and outdoors to add variety.

Color and black and white photos are a staple with wedding photography, but there are other ways to make your pictures stand out. Try sepia toning for an old-fashioned look, or ask the photographer to use a fish-eye lens or infrared film to add a unique perspective to your wedding photos.

DIY Wedding Photography

Photo booths have become quite popular at wedding receptions. This fun concept lets guests be in control of picture taking by posing the way they like and adding their own personality to the shots, instead of taking direction from a wedding photographer.

If the wedding reception photo booth is out of your price range, but you still want to capture action shots of all your friends and family, leave disposable cameras on reception tables and ask guests to take shots of the people and happenings around them.

Picture Perfect

Avoid taking unflattering wedding photos—turn sideways toward the camera for the best angles.

Elongate your neck to minimize the appearance of a double-chin.

Have the photographer take two of each posed picture in case of sneezing, blinking or any other awkward movement caught on film.

Remember these simple and effective wedding photographer tips in your wedding planning, and you'll have wonderful pictures of your special day to cherish for a lifetime.