Wedding Photography: Top Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

The documentation of your wedding celebration shouldn’t be left to well-meaning amateurs. The results should become cherished mementos, not out-of-focus disappointments.

To make sure you get a professional
wedding photographer, you need to research them and then interview. Not sure what questions to ask a wedding photographer that you’re interested in? We've done the work for you by compiling a list of recommended questions:

Do you specialize in wedding photography, and do you have a portfolio that I can view?

Do you take formal portraits, candids or photo-journalistic shots? Are you able to mix photography styles? Which are you most comfortable with -color or black & white?

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Will you shoot our wedding by yourself or with assistance?

What kind of preset packages do you have?

What other photography services do you offer?

What photo album styles do you have available, and what are the costs?

Will your photography equipment shoot at any levels of light?

How long will you be at the wedding ceremony and reception?

Do you charge a fee for travel, and is there an extra charge to go to a third location?

If there’s a planned delay between the wedding and reception, do you add additional charges?

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How many photos or rolls of film will you shoot?

What sizes of prints do you offer? What’s the cost breakdown for each?

Can you retouch images if necessary, and what technology do you use to do that?

What other digital services do you offer?

Do you offer Internet services like online proofing?

Is there a minimum order requirement for prints or reprints?

How much do you charge for photograph reprints?

Do you keep the negatives and, if so, for how long?

Are we able to purchase the negatives?

How long after the wedding day will we get delivery?

By what date should we book your services?

How much is the deposit, and when is it due?

How much is the balance, and when is it due?

What is your cancellation policy and are there penalties?

You may have other questions you want to ask your photographer for your
wedding planning, but these will at least get you started.