Wedding Photography: What to Share with Your Professional Photographer

Your wedding photographs are among the only things you will have left when your special day is over. Deciding between professional wedding photographers is very important and deserves careful attention. A photographer should be the first decision you make after choosing your ceremony and reception sites.

Professional wedding photographers come in many price ranges and styles. You should decide whether you like traditional, posed photography or photo journalistic-style photography. Once you know the style you like, look for photographers who specialize in these services. Before making appointments, check out their Website to get a feel for their online portfolio. That will give you a preview before visiting their studios.

When you go to interview the professional wedding photographers that you’ve narrowed down, pay attention not only to their work, but also to their personality. Keep in mind that they will be following you around all day on your wedding day. If they cause you to stress, you will see it in your photographs. Ask if they are familiar with your ceremony and reception sites. If they are, does they have photographs from those locations that you can see?

Make sure you understand what is included in the wedding package. Some professional wedding photographers only include their time, while others include albums and enlargements. Once you hire your photographer, make sure to communicate with him. If you are being married in a place of worship, make sure your photographer understands any restrictions he will encounter there.

Lastly, provide your photographer with a list of any special photographs you will want. There is no doubt your photographer will know that he need to capture you and your parents, but if there is something unusual, like your best friend from grade school, or a group of your sorority sisters will be at the wedding, you photographer will need to know you want that photograph.

Sharing these ideas with your professional wedding photographer will ensure you get the photos you want for your wedding planning.