Wedding Reception Decor: Hot Centerpiece Ideas

Hands down, the centerpiece is definitely the cornerstone of any wedding reception decor. Whether it’s bright, bold flowers, small, colorful blooms or eclectic edible arrangements, the wedding centerpiece — just like any other aspect of your wedding — should be a reflection of your personality. Here, we offer five hip ideas to help you find the centerpiece that’s right for you.

Viva la Vase
Floral containers can add high drama to your wedding decorations and centerpiece. Play with shapes, colors and textures to find a truly unique option that adds a touch of charm to your table.

Our suggestions:

  • Tall cylindrical (trumpet) vases add a modern feel to wedding reception decor.
  • Mercury-glass buckets with soft-colored blooms look stunning by candlelight.
  • Rounded hurricane vases are a classic staple for reception themes of all kind.
  • Mason jars continue to reign supreme as staples for outdoor southern wedding reception decor.
Fresh Picked
Nothing perks up a basic table more than the bright colors of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Take a cue from the four seasons to find the best edible arrangement to adorn the table display for your wedding decorations and reception decor. Citrus selections such as lemons, limes and oranges are just right for warm weather nuptials, while red apples, figs and pumpkins are right at home during a fall or winter event.

By Candlelight
From pillars to tea lights to tapers to floaters, candles add an extra bit of romance to any wedding reception decor. One of the great things about candles: they work well by themselves or in tandem with wedding flowers.

Our suggestions:
  • Long tables look amazing with interspersed floating candles and floating single blooms.
  • Luminaries add a quaint touch to the outdoor spring/summer wedding.
Table Toppers
Want the soft glow of low lighting without the hassle of candles? Consider table lamps as the centerpiece. Lamps decorate your home, so why not use these accessories as an element to your wedding decorations.

Tall Tales
Wedding planning for open spaces? Use greenery to create your wedding reception decor. Tall, live trees with branches are great for hanging great decorative elements like ribbons, candles or string lights.