Wedding Transportation: How to Create a Unique Exit

In order to make your getaway unforgettable, adding a few details to your wedding transportation can be a wonderful way to create a totally unique departure for your wedding planning. Dressing up your getaway vehicle makes can make the ride romantic as decorations and the obligatory “Just Married” sign bid you welcome into newly married life.

While some might prefer the allure of a totally extravagant exit in a hot air balloon or a romantic horse-drawn carriage, there are tons of great ways to vamp up one's wedding transportation without blowing your budget. From decorating the car to clever costumes, a great getaway can always be kept fun and affordable.

Easy ways to decorate your wedding transportation can be as simple as flowers decorating the roof or even a festoon of balloons wafting in the breeze. Chains of flowers can be purchased at your local florist and can be a great and colorful addition to the bumper of a car or the top of a carriage. Ribbons wafting in the wind while tied to the hood of a car can be a cute idea to wave goodbye. There's also everyone's favorite: the tin cans or old shoes trailing behind the limousine. But always be wary — tin cans are never a good idea if you're traveling by horse and buggy. The cans can often be a distraction for the horse, so it is best to leave them out if your driver is a 'neigh'-sayer.

For a fun way to get guests involved, bars of soap could be handed out as favors at the wedding. Then, guests can write messages on the windows of the getaway car. (And your driver will be happy — bar soap is totally washable and won't damage the vehicle!)

For the “Just Married” plate, many wedding transportation companies can provide a magnetic sign to attach to the vehicle, but why not create your own? A shabby-chic adaptation of the typical sign is a fun way to incorporate a couple's personal style and make your getaway all your own. Try incorporating pictures, color, and lots of personal touches in the wedding planning so that everyone can get a sense of the identity of the newly married couple!

Finally, apart from decorations and favors, why not leave in your wedding transportation in a style from the past and celebrate a great romance? The wedding couple could purchase costumes from a thrift store and surprise all of their guests by shedding their wedding attire in exchange for the looks of famous couples from the past. Why not be Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, or even Bonnie and Clyde?

For the stylish getaway, the most important part is to stay true to your own style. Really, it's your wedding, and you and your guests will remember the unique details you decide to incorporate in your wedding transportation. So try to make the day — and the getaway — as special as possible!