What's Your Bridal Beauty IQ?

Want to know your bridal beauty IQ? Take our quiz to help you get the right wedding makeup look for your big day.

1. Your daily skin care regimen consists of:
A.) Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and plenty of sunscreen!

B.) Cleansing and adding a dab of moisturizer to your T-zone.

C.) Throwing soap and water on your face before heading out for the day.

2. Your maid of honor treats you to a pedicure the day before your wedding. While there you:
A.) Opt for the deluxe treatment, replete with paraffin wax, eucalyptus soak and a buff and polish.

B.) Ask for an intensive foot massage and pick a fun color for your toes to go with your
wedding makeup. You plan on dancing the night away so you might as well give your tootsies a treat.

C.) Stare in amazement at the nail technician’s tools asking between each procedure, “Now what does this do again?”

3. You’ve noticed a few new wrinkles around your eyes for the past week. You then:
A.) Schedule an appointment for Botox injections.

B.) Grab an eye mask out the fridge and wear for an hour each night while finalizing the reception guest list.

C.) Blame it on a lack of sleep. They’ll minimize once the wedding is over.

4.) The wedding makeup artist brings over an arsenal of tools for your run through. The look you decide on is:
A.) High drama—voluminous lashes, a smoky eye and lots of concealer.

B.) Fresh-faced—light pressed powder to minimize shine, rosy cheeks, clear mascara and a nude lip.

C.) Minimalist—tinted gloss will do just fine.

If you picked mostly As, your bridal beauty IQ is:

You plan to pull out all the stops for looking picture perfect on your wedding day! Big hair and red carpet makeup are the name of the game. While following trends and knowing the latest looks have served you well among the fashion forward crowd, don’t feel too pressured to mimic a hairstyle or over-the-top wedding makeup that doesn’t fit the tone of your wedding ceremony and reception. In your efforts to stay current, remember to steer clear of trends that get outdated fast. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so pick a look that you’ll be happy with 10 years down the road.

If you picked mostly Bs, your bridal beauty IQ is:

You don’t make too much fuss when it comes to your daily beauty routine, but looking great is still a priority for your wedding makeup. You know what works for you and when you find a hairstyle or look that you like, you stick with it. Keep in mind, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You’ll want to really wow your groom and guests, and this is the one day where you should feel inclined to step outside the box and try something new. There are tons of easy ways to incorporate a little oomph into your functional beauty routine—you can apply a cheek stain, add voluminous curls to your ‘do or even sport a bright red lip color. Remember: beauty is about enhancing what you already have!

If you picked mostly Cs, your bridal beauty IQ is:

Not all brides spend hours thinking about the wedding day-beauty process. After all, you’re running around with wedding planning, scheduling tastings with the caterer, and searching for a reception venue. Even though you’re preoccupied with other important wedding-related tasks, your hair and wedding makeup still deserves a little attention. If you can’t seem to carve out any extra time to search for a stylist, ask your bridesmaids and close friends to suggest bridal beauty ideas. Have them sift through magazines and select styles they think will work best with your dress and your personality. They’ll be thrilled to help you find a look for your special day.

Whatever your bridal beauty IQ, you should always feel comfortable with the style you choose for your big day. Whether you enlist the services of a complete glam squad, visit the cosmetics counter in your favorite department store, or simply do it yourself, your hair and
wedding makeup should reflect your personality and never overshadow the inner beauty that is sure to shine through on the most exciting day of your life.