Ardyss International WA

Ardyss International WA

Silverdale, WA

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The Ardyss Body Magic is an innovative creation that will sensationalize your body as well as your life. This new foundation garment reshapes your body from your shoulders to your legs. Made by an orthopedic doctor this AMAZING garment is UNLIKE any thing you have ever seen before. Unlike other garments out there The Body Magic is made with COMPRESSORS. What that means is while you are wearing it is comfortably compressing your fat. Whenever fat is compressed it turns into liquid and comes out of your urine and waste. You will lose inches and drop approx 1 size a month if you wear your body magic everyday!!!! The front of the Body Magic is made of a sturdy, lightweight fabric called power net which is the same fabric used on burn victims. The fabric WILL BREATH, you will stay dry underneath and you WILL NOT SWEAT. The legs have two strips of adhesive which prevent them from rolling up with a layer of lace to give it a feminine appearance. Instant hour glass figure!!!
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4225 Grayback Circle B
Silverdale , WA 98315
(360) 598-0317
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