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Custom wedding candles to make your special day one they will remember for a long time. We create beautiful, custom, scented candles that make a great memory of your special day. The sense of smell is the most primal and memory stimulating of all the human senses. Give your guests that gift of a beautiful scented candle and stimulate a great memory for them to re live with you in spirit each time they light their candle and enjoy the scent that reminds them of your special day.

To enhance these great memories we also offer full event scenting, so you can bring that extra something to your wedding that sticks in your guests memories engraining the attached memories to their most basic sense. Combine a scented wedding candle with a scented wedding to bring the memory back again and again to you and your guests of your beautiful day. We have a beautiful range of aromas to choose from, all handcrafted by our fragrance artisan.

Or, if you want to create that one of a kind, only for you feature to your wedding that no one else has, can ever have, we can work with you to create a custom scent just for you and only you.

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