"On a scale from 1-10, I give hollywood sound a 3. They did not provide the song that we requested for our entrance, mother-son dance, cake cutting, and barely what we requested for the bouquet toss. He played 30 seconds of it prior to, and then switched it to the song he wanted to play. We provided him about 60-70 song songlist, one that should cover most of the night. It also specified whether the songs were dance songs or dinner songs. He played maybe 15-20 of those, and all at the wrong time. Barely any of his music was up to date. He claimed he did not get our emails updating him about what we wanted. He didn't reply to my fiance's emails. He did reply to the email I sent that had the whole schedule and songlist, yet he didn't deliver. When our guests requested songs he couldnt deliver, and when they asked to look through his music to see if they could find something they wanted tor request, he said that the music was unorganized and they probably wouldnt be able to find anything. This company does not have insurance and our DJ walked out the reception in work out clothes. Again, I give them a 3 on a scale from 1-10."
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