Let me start by introducing myself. Hi, I’m Beckie, and I’m going to be the one that takes you this amazing journey called, Wedding Planning. Sounds crazy right? I said wedding planning and we were talking about YOU! Seriously though, this is a great new chapter and there’s no reason this can’t be fun and exciting. It sounds like a lot to prep for, and it is, but with the right help (that’s me!), it will be nothing short of spectacular. Weddings are a big day, for both the bride and groom, as well as the two families joining as one. No pressure right? We’ve all been to at least one wedding. There’s the beautifully decorated ceremony site, the fantastic finger foods for cocktail hour, the crazy or elegant introductions of the wedding party all the way up to the special couple, tearful first dances, great food, the get on your feet dance music to celebrate, and lets not forget that wedding cake! Phew, that sounds like a lot right? That’s because there is a great deal of work that goes into even the simplest of weddings but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be stressful, and it shouldn’t be, you’re the wedding couple right?? I take an immense amount of pride in the work that I do and I don’t rest until you’re completely satisfied. Whether you are using my services as a consultant or as a planner, rest assured that every request and detail will get my full attention. Wedding planning is a passion of mine, I love to take peoples visions and make them a tangible reality, no matter how big or how small. There really is nothing better then listening to a bride describe the details of how her perfect wedding day would go. The dress, the colors, the decor, everything she has dreamed about since could fathom this day, and now it’s a sudden reality for her and I have the opportunity to make it real. That’s what this is all about for me, taking a simple vision and making it an absoluteness she can call her own. I offer several packages, all of which are able to be customized to fit your every need. I understand that your Wedding Day is one of the most important days to a bridal couple, after all, this is where you announce to the entire world your love for each other and you end the day being Mr. & Mrs…why should you have to settle for anything? But I also realize how pricey of an event a wedding is, and trust me, the expenses add up quickly, but that’s just another reason to have a planner like me, to make sure that you stay on your wedding budget and if you really like something, I make it my purpose to find a way to accomplish that without breaking your bank. I specialize in budget planning, getting more for your dollar, and what could make a wedding more special then some hand made touches?? So let me do the work and help you make this day a day that you will remember forever. But first, since I offer both services, lets talk about why a wedding consultant or a wedding planner and, is there even a difference? The answer is yes, and you may find that one works better for you then the other, every couple is different. I outline under “Services” the very different roles and let you decide what works best for you and your special day. Are you a couple that wants to do it all themselves, you just need a little push in the right direction or are you the couple that would like a professional to take a look at your budget and make something magical come to life? With whatever you choose, I hope that I can be the one that makes your wedding come alive.



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