“More information about Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center Events Outdoor Events & Picnics Pig Roasts & Barbeques Meals Served Buffets Dinner Back to top Reviews for Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center 1 – 5 of 5 02/11/2010 Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center Love it by AlwaysAuntie Wish it wasnt always so so busy but since it is we all deal with it in our own ways. By shopping at hours when the center isnt at it busiest. By not shopping right after work, and going in the am or late at night. This safeway is so busy that they have the best meat in town because they sell so much and itis so fresh, just like the dairy, produce, bakery and the flowers which are really beautiful. Many of their flowers come from the Watsonville area where so many of the nations flowers are grown. I really do love this store and some of the employees have been here for well over 20+ years some even 30 and they feel they are just to young to retire in their early 50s especially in this day and age where many have no job and are struggling. Keep up the good work with this center – as the community cant do with out it! It is our lifeline! Sign In to comment on this review Report this 02/11/2010 Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center Destination for locals by AlwaysAuntie This has to be one of the busiest centers around because of the Safeway. It is the only local chain store for miles in either direction – it even has its own gas station, and it is the only one that I know that does have one – as Monterey county doesnt have and none other in SC county that I am aware of. Anyway, it serves all the locals and tourist that come to town. Locals are aware of how busy it can be, and we all know when to shop to get a good parking place. This is a big store, but not the super store kind, and there is no room for it to get bigger, unless they bulldoze down other businesses that have been there for over 40 yrs – or move the freeway off ramp. I dont think and hope either will happen. This store keeps it shelfs stocked well somehow. I guess those nightly deliveries are beyond necessary here. They sell more meat which means it is fresh daily, same with the dairy, bread and everything. They have a florist inside which has great fresh cut flowers daily. It is a great store, and the thing that will take the longest going in is stopping to say hello to all your neighbors and friends! Some of the folks I went to HS with in the 70’s are still working in this store today – which makes for a great community! Sign In to comment on this review Report this 02/11/2010 Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center Great KFC by AlwaysAuntie I love this shopping center and after you do your shopping and buy your groceries at Safeway, you can drive down to the bottom of the center and p/u dinner after a long day and make things more simple when you get home tired. This KFC is really great. some of them are always out of something you want and you have to wait 20 min for it. this one seems to know it customer base better than others and they dont run out of stuff at lunch or dinner time when folks dont have time to stand around and wait 20 min for something. They need to get in and out – especially if you have frozen food items in the car after grocery shopping. This has plenty of parking right in front of the door and it is always clean. The folks are friendly and they get your order correct! Hello, most of the others cant get orders correct. This one does not have a drive thru, but thats ok – it has always been this way, and Aptos knows it no other way. Sign In to comment on this review Report this 02/11/2010 Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center Love it by AlwaysAuntie It is right of hwy 1 in Aptos. I love this center, as I grew up with it and watched it grow as well. The Safeway is the only chain grocery store for miles in either direction, making it one of the busiest ever and making this center very popular. The center is always busy and at times the parking is crazy bad, but we are all used to it and know how to handle it. This is a small town, and it has a small town atmossphere. You can always tell when a person is from a larger town and visiting here – as they just get way to impatient and sharp. Anyway, I get my gas here at the Safeway gas station, you can eat here, have a cocktail, or coffee, ice cream you name it it is pretty much avail here. Sign In to comment on this review Report this 02/11/2010 Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center Here forever! by AlwaysAuntie I moved here when I was 3 and lived right below the center. Back in the day 45 + yrs ago there was not much to this center. There was a Safeway, a 1 room tiny library, a local bank a gas station ice cream parlour, a liquor store and a few other places. Over the years the Fentons who owned the center bought some more land to add onto the center a bit. They did it a 3rd time adding down to the Aptos Twim Movies and KFC. That was completed by the time I was 12 for sure if not yrs earlier. I remember going just with my Dad to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid here. I loved to go places with my Father – and as I would say even though I am a female that I was Daddys little boy as I was always glued to the poor man. I also remember going to the movies here with Richard Fenton, the shopping centers owners son – we were good friends. Anyway, we got into a bit of kid trouble in the Movie (with a water gun of all silly kid things). When we told them who we were, well we didnt think we would be in trouble because of who our parents were. Well back in the day, money didnt talk. If you did something wrong – well back then they called your parents. Mom doesnt remeber ever getting a call so I guess we talked them out of that, but we still got kicked out of the movies. Unfortunately Richard and his family moved out of state around that age, even though still owned the center. It has gone thru many changes over the years, but I still go there often, and I buy my gas their reg at the Safeway gas station. I still love this center because of the memories as well as the fact that it is a great center with quite a bit to offer! Sign In to comment on this review Report this 1 – 5 of 5 Back to top”

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