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Classic Disc Jockeys

Orlando, FL

Classic Disc Jockeys

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-The MOST 5-Star Reviews For any Orlando Wedding DJ
-Chuck is one of the few DJs in Orlando approved and qualified to perform at the Big Orlando Theme Parks such as Disney and Universal

About 12 years ago, I had a Bride named Jennifer that changed everything. She said something that that really stuck with me. "I actually can't stand going to weddings. They're all the same."

About the Author

Jennifer was afraid her wedding would be just like all the others she ever attended. And I realized something, too. All receptions were pretty much the same. Talk about having your eyes opened! She worried the DJ would resort to cheap party tricks, balloon hats, or blow-up guitars. And she did not want to do the Chicken Dance or resort to other cheesy DJ tactics.

After many years of experience, and a DJ for over 1500 weddings, I've created (and tested) the Wedding Reception Blueprint. When you use the blueprint, your guests will say, "That was the best reception, ever!"

Here's the best part: The Wedding Reception Blueprint is included when you book me. It's like nothing your guests have ever seen before. Let's face it... the most important day of your life should be so much more than "just music".

I am committed to bringing the most creative AND affordable entertainment to your Reception... let's see if you and I are a "right-fit" for each other!

What should you do next?
Easy... check your date right here on my website to see if I am available for your day!

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213 Harbor Point Blvd
Orlando , FL 32835
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