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I used DJS Entertainment for my wedding and it was a big mistake. They originally sounded helpful on the phone when we agreed to use them. Then, 30 days before my wedding I receive an email asking for a final phone conversation. I email back two times trying to set up a conversation with no reply back. I called several times and finally received a text that I needed to set up a phone conference online. I then set up a phone conference for a specific time and did not receive a phone call. I had to the text the owner several times. He had forgotten to call and texted that he would call in a minute. An hour later, I finally received the call from him. I had not yet spoken with the DJ for the actual day just the owner at this point. He told me the DJ would text me the next day to set up a phone conversation. I never received a text from that DJ. A few days before the wedding, I finally was able to set up a phone call with the DJ for our wedding. He also did not call when he said he would and I had to text him. It took about 45 minutes to finally get him on the phone. On the day of my wedding, he arrived 30 minutes late. He was supposed to start playing music for the guests at 3:30 but did not play until 3:50 because he had to change clothes. He played my must play dance songs during the cocktail hour and dinner because he did not think anyone wanted to dance to those songs. I spent hours adding songs that I wanted to dance to at my wedding and didn't hear most of them. An hour before the wedding began, the owner also called my wedding planner and told her that we had to pay extra for our DJ to stay until our exit time because our contract was only allotted a certain amount. Luckily, I was able to pay for this but it was extremely unprofessional considering I had spoken with both the owner a month before and he did not inform me of this even though he was aware of our exit time. These are just a few highlighted points prior to and on my wedding day that I can point out but there were multiple errors. I know that weddings are not perfect and do not always go the way you expect. That being said, I spent over a year planning my wedding and spent thousands of dollars to make this day special. I feel that overall this was the only area I was disappointed in on my wedding day. I expected more from a company whose motto is stress free wedding entertainment.

Welcome to DJS Entertainment! Where Quality and Affordability are united in Holy Matrimony! At Dj S Entertainment our aim is to entertain! We provide professional DJ services at an unbeatable rate! Our event coordinators work side-by-side with you every step of the way making sure that all of your entertainment needs are met and surpassed. We play what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. At your request our DJ's will eloquently serve as your Master of Ceremony in order to enhance your one of a kind exceptional entertainment experience. Call us today to secure your DJ and get ready to have the time of your life! 281-543-4031 www.djsent.org

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