Add Fire Fireworks

Add Fire Fireworks

Miami, Florida

Add Fire Fireworks

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Add Fire has been around over 30 years and has an excellent crew. The following should explain our capabilities:

We are experts in beach and barge fireworks shoots for weddings and corporate events, bonfires, ground graphics and special effects for parties and major events to video productions and stage pyro.

Add Fire is a custom display fireworks entertainment company using fireworks and special effects as it's primary tools. We specialize in weddings and corporate events shot from our own medium sized barges. Our graphics are excellent and the technicians have extensive experience.

Add Fire provides both superior products and service for you and your customers! Our commitment to our clients is evident by our use of the world's best products, selected for their quality and performance to make your event a success. Expert technicians and creative staff maximize your dollar value by using fireworks as a tool to generate team spirit, excitement and energy. Add Fire has developed fireworks to a higher level of entertainment, creating a very successful marketing and motivational tool.

We are a complete service fireworks entertainment company. We will apply for permits, provide insurance and arrange everything needed for your show. We also produce special effects for films, commercials, plays and concerts. Call me at (305) 895-2231 to discuss how we can integrate fireworks into your next program and charge your audience with more excitement and energy that will add to the sizzle of your promotional events!

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