TracyLynn Culley-Jamberry Nails

TracyLynn Culley-Jamberry Nails

Columbia, Missouri

TracyLynn Culley-Jamberry Nails


What are Jamberry Nails?

The wraps are a vinyl covering that can be applied directly to the nail to acheive a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activate to create a water tight bond to your nail. The shields are made in the USA, with no chemicals and are latex-free.

This new nail treatment can be applied quickly and easily at home with no dry time! With over 300 styles to choose from, these designer wraps are made to last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 4 or more on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish they won't chip and require no drying time. It's so easy to achive a professional, salon look for a fraction of the cost.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me to request a FREE sample. Or, ask me about how hosting your own party can earn you free wraps and exclusive items! I look forward to helping you look your best on your most special day!

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