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Katie & Jeff Barker Storytellers

Katie & Jeff Barker Storytellers

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"We are storytellers. We pen the story of your love with still images. In every moment, there is a look, a feeling, a passion. We will search for these and bring them to you. Vivid, honest and passionate. Our interpretations are unique and not forced. We work to seize the rare scene. Katie's strengths deliver a consistent documentary feel which lends to black and white imagery with tack sharp focus. Jeff leans more on the epic and dramatic imagery. He has been taught how to use off camera lighting by one of the true masters and is not afraid to use it in any situation. Every photographer has a style, whether he knows it or not. Anyone who tries to be something hes not will only disappoint his couple and himself. We know who we are and what we consistently deliver. That's why we make so much of our work available online. We only work with clients who LOVE our style and see themselves in our images. This starts with the engagement shoot. Every one of our shoots is a reflection of the couples were working with. There's more to the shoot than simply location and dress. We want to know what makes our couple unique. What can we highlight about them that shows who they really are as a couple? This really is a relationship. We usually grow very close to our couples. The person you choose to document your most important day is an intimate one. To pretend that its not would be silly. On your wedding day, you will spend more time with us within ten feet of you than anyone else. In the end, we end up doing a lot more than photography."
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2334 Abbington Drive
(251) 533-6523
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