Kiko House of Couture

Kiko House of Couture

Seattle, WA

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Kiko Rodriguez, the proprietor, is a fashion designer from Manila. He learned his craft at the Salvacion Lim Higgins Fashion school, arguably the best fashion school in the Philippines. He's won numerous awards in that country for his fashion shows and galas. Kiko has been in Seattle since 1994. His bridal collections are Asian influenced but his work is clearly set in modern fashion. According to his website, "his wide creative ideas solve the wardrobe nightmare of confused and indecisive women. His innovations include modern edge symmetry and shapes, ingenious concoction of luxurious fabrics and textures." The average wedding dress budget at Kiko is from $1000 to $1850. Bridal dress labor starts at $500. All dresses are custom made and start with a consultation with Kiko, "your own personal fashion consultant".
Contact Information
2416 1st Ave (between Battery St & Wall St
Seattle , WA 98121
(206) 728-5080
Wedding Categories
Gowns, Dresses & Attire