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Knock Music House
Unprofessional Service
(October 17, 2017 at 1:38 PM)
2.4 Sh McLeish


I coordinated a party for a friend's birthday party in October 2016 and overall was not satisfied with the staff and property. Although the kids had a good time, the owner, Alfredo, did not fulfill what was outlined in the set terms and agreements. To start, with the party we were allowed one hour before our set time slot to come in and set up. His word was that he would have staff there to help with the set-up of tables and chairs for the event. I was on time for set-up and was left with no one there to set-up. I had to track down the tables and chairs myself and move them into the desired positions myself. Granted I weighed maybe 130 lbs with feminine not weight-lifting features. GREATTTTTTTTT! When I asked about the help, he responded in very unprofessional ways, which lead to me having a sour night the rest of the way. My main focus after that was to make sure the kids at least had fun in an already bad situation. The venue is nice but as for the professionalism in this place that the owner has portrayed, I do not recommend this venue. Plus parking is zero to none. There is free street parking available (which is very limited at all times, pretty much always) Imagine have over 30 kids coming and their parents having to park. That was a common complaint/comment that our guests voiced regarding the venue. If they offered a lot for party parking, I may reconsider but the action from the owners just trumped this experience as a bad one. Good luck!