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This product is called the MakeUp Eraser for a reason. In seconds you can remove even your most stubborn of makeup with just warm water! This bright pink cloth has a certain blend of polyester that, when mixed with warm water, picks up your makeup right off the face. It can even remove waterproof mascara and it is so gentle, it won't pull out your eyelashes when it does. Once this towel gets dirty, all you have to do is throw it in the wash - no need for special detergents or washing instructions! It can go right in the dryer as well! This product is easy on the skin, with absolutely zero chemicals, the only thing it needs is some water. The cloth can also withstand over 1000 trips through the washer and dryer! Try one today and I promise you will never go back to oily makeup removers, cotton balls, or makeup remover wipes again!

Removes 100% of MakeUp! Even Waterproof Mascara!
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21048 Kiowa Rd
Parsons , KS 67357
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Beauty & Health
Facial, Makeup, Skin Care