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Mid-Michigan Wedding Photographers

Mid-Michigan Wedding Photographers

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"I first wrote this intro over a year ago when we all thought that Michigan was in the midst of the worst recession that we had ever seen. You remember...back in what we now refer to as the ""good old days"". Today we have sunk further into the recession/depression than most of us thought possible. We all have family members or friends that are deeply touched by Michigan's economy. That being said, I feel stronger than ever that every bride and groom deserve to have their wedding day memories recorded by a professional photographer. I really do understand that most people today are on tight budgets. I even understand people saying that they either won't have photographs taken or will just rely on a friend or family member to take pictures. You know...Uncle Joe or Cousin Sally who takes pretty good pictures, they will do an alright job. And they will, they will do the very best that they know how. They don't want to disappoint you. However, they are not professionals, they do not have professional quality equipment, and they do not have the experience to do the job the way it should be done. We at Mid Michigan Wedding Photographers have photographed literally hundreds and hundreds of weddings. We have the experience to record your memories the way they deserve to be remembered, so that years from now you will look back and smile at your fond memories and be glad that you hired Mid Michigan Wedding Photographers to photograph your wedding day. Give us a call or email us today."
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