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Myrasia International / Rt. Rev.Bishop Renee M.Babel

Myrasia International / Rt. Rev.Bishop Renee M.Babel

Brooklyn, NY
&nb sp; FOR MORE ABOUT ME GO TO &nb sp; MYRASIAINTERNATIONAL.COM CLICK ON about us &nb sp; (this web-site is an ongoing work in progress) As a metaphysical faith based organization founder, CEO, and spiritual consultant I have decided to add to MYRASIA services ie: wedding services for two reasons: [1] I am a consecrated bishop registered in the State of New York to perform / officiate weddings / marriages, baby dedications , adult baptisms, as well as transition (funerals). [2] I was introduced to wedding wire by one of my theological associates. I grew up and recieved confirmation in the episcopal church. As a young woman when I was 18yrs while others in my age bracket were partying in the clubs I found myself dancing in apostolic and pentacostal churches on Friday nights, I always loved music and dancing and still do! As life goes along with its changing scenes; so do we as individuals. I've always had a keen interest in spiritual things ie: G_D / the universal architect; quantum physics and its relationship to the great architect. Upon graduating from college I began my journey through the, " who am I labyrinth". I am a UNIFICATION Seminary graduate - MS in religious ED. Working towards a doctoral in METAPHYSICS; a consecrated bishop in the apostolic succession (Ethiopian Orthodox); was an EVANGELIST for ten yrs prior to my theological elevation; have been in the spiritual church most of my adult life. &nb sp; SECULAR PROFESSION I am a certified NEW YORK CITY school teacher ; I served with the DEPT. of Education for approximately 18 yrs and am now retired. I do private tutoring from time to time. I am permanently NYC & State certified in common branch, middle & High School math, and adult literacy. Marrying couples gives my ministry even greater purpose. For a flat-rate bottom line fee of $700.00 I will officiate a half hour ceremoney which includes two half hour pre-marital consultations per couple. I am a jewlery designer & am affiliated with other jewelry designers; for reasonable prices you can have gemstone jewelry as well as other unique pieces made to order for your wedding parties . ie: simple, but classy earings and necklaces made with real gemstones at a fraction of what you would pay otherwise. We try to accommodate and procure, unusual home decorating items, bridal reception ornaments, and assist you in planning the event at your request. &nb sp; IT'S YOUR DAY Why not have it done your special way... You tell us: Large, small, or extravagant civil / religious / non-denominational Traditional / non-traditional ceremony ; vows; and ceremonial venues We respect differently sexual oriented individuals male / female ; same sex couples (committment vows) ; inter-racial ; inter-cultural you tell us we set the ambiance Once again to find out more about MYRASIA INTERNATIONAL AS A NON-PROFIT FAITH - BASED ORGANIZATION FEEL FREE TO VISIT OUR WEB-SITE, CLICK ON ABOUT US TO UNDERSTAND OUR MISSION. I AM YOUR GRACIOUS SERVANT for the event Bishop R.M.BABEL - walking in the light
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338 Prospect Pl.- suite #2E
Brooklyn , NY 11238
(718) 230-1386
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