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Omar Genao Wedding Films

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Omar Genao Wedding Films


More often than not, weddings rank on top of the most-memorable-time-of-my-life list for each and every couple. This is the reason why more often than not, couples make it a priority to have some way of being able to bring them back to that big day. Traditionally, photos were the primary way to preserve those moments but, with the advancements in technology in modern cameras, video has additionally very quickly become one of those methods. This is where our team at Omar Genao Wedding Films comes in. We've been in videography for the last 6 years, and the last 3 years being specifically in just weddings. For us, there is nothing more beautiful than to be able to capture and tell the store of a couple that is genuinely in love. This is why we transitioned over to specifically weddings and haven't looked back since.

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Ceremony, DVD of Raw Footage, Edited Video, High Definition Video, Invitation DVD, Montage - Childhood / Dating, Montage - Music Dubbed Over, Multiple Cameras, Multiple Videographers, Online Highlight Films, Pre-Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner
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