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Positive Families LLC

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Positive Families LLC


* Marrying the man of your dreams, but afraid that his child from a previous relationship - and the child's mother - will make a mess of your wedding? * You'll become a step-mother on your wedding day, but have no idea how to integrate your step-children into the ceremony? Not really sure if you even want them to attend? Can their mother or their dad come? Let me handle it! As a co-parenting coach, I work with blended and merged families everyday. Following an initial session with you, I do all the heavy lifting so you can be the bride! Is the mother-of-the-groom still hoping that he'll marry someone else? Old girlfriend worries? I handle that! Children from prior relationships (and their moms and dads) making you nervous? I handle that! I can support you on the phone or I can be at the wedding. At #KidsNeed2, we coach non-traditional families and create a positive dynamic. At #APerfectBlend we give you a wedding that's a perfect blend of parents and children. Let #APerfectBlend create a perfect wedding day for you!

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