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Puzzle Ring Emporium

Salt Lake City, Utah

Puzzle Ring Emporium


The artisans at Puzzle Ring Emporium have been custom-designing and hand-crafting beautiful and extraordinary rings in the USA since 1947, that's almost 70 years! We are a family-owned business with decades of combined experience in the craft of fine jewelry.

A Custom Wedding Ring is the Way to Go!

If you want a a traditional wedding ring that is (more or less) like everyone else's, go for it. There are hundreds of ring sellers out there that can help you with that. But if being unique is more your style, then think about a custom-crafted puzzle wedding ring that NONE of your friends will have! If you're a person who likes to be different, then vist our web site and have a look for yourself.

People ooh' and aah' over the diamond in a bride's ring, but don't pay much attention to the ring itself. (That's because most band designs are really quite similar.) However, with a puzzle wedding ring everyone will be AMAZED by your ringand the diamonds, too, of course! But there's nothing more amazing than a custom diamond wedding ring that is also a puzzle ring! If you are looking for a unique wedding ring, please visit our web site at http://puzzleringemporium.com to view hundreds of creative puzzle ring designs!

"Custom Crafted Since 1947"
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Salt Lake City , Utah

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