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With its own custom software, design, and build, making them the only ones of their kind on the market, ROBOTBOOTH provides the best experience ever and anything you could imagine with it!

The software is raw. Designed by us for the robots, it needs to be experienced. You can print any picture at any time. You take your own photos, build your own photo strip, and print as many as you like, so no one is stuck with photos they don't like and everyone gets a copy. That's raw.

Our robot booths have no walls. You can fit as many people as infinity plus one.
Point it at the sky, kaplow, just fit the whole universe in our booth.
Am I blowing your mind, man? That's like, out there man.

Our printer pets are as professional as printing gets. The fastest in the galaxy and no drying because it's not ink.
They have screens and custom software enabling you to view, print, and have whatever you like!
These robots are rare. Just look at the picture, dude. Have you ever seen anything

Professional Studio Strobes, Digital SLR's, touch screen kiosks, radio remotes to the robot that put you in complete control,

The robots are out there man.

Constantly teaming up with big names like Delta, Vonage, Atlanta Childrens Hospital, The Bachelorette: Andi Dorfman, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and more, the ROBOTBOOTH is the grooviest photo booth to hit the planet.


Guestbook Guests affix copies of prints and write messages in a scrapbook custom made by us that you get to take home the same day.
Music Video Check out the site for examples.
Online Gallery Optimized for smartphones and computers and allows free downloads by your guests of all the images.
Prop Box - You get to pick from the custom designed props you see on our site and build your own box to match your event!
Custom Background You can mix and match our custom designed backgrounds to create your own custom backdrop.
Unlimited Printing Guests print their favorites from our printer kiosks.
Unlimited Time We don't leave until the party's over.
DVD We snail mail you a dvd of all the high resolution images and music video.
Prints Logo - You can choose to have your names, a logo, or anything you desire printed at the bottom of each strip.
Attendant - Our photo booth specialists will be at your event the entire time to insure a perfect performance.

Evolutionary Photo Booths.
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