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Choosing our wedding photographer was a huge decision for us as we knew it would not only be a large financial investment but also these would be the one lasting tangible from our day. We talked to several photographers and ultimately chose Rogue Images Photography because of recommendations from our venue, picture quality in online portfolio, and ratings across websites. Overall, we had a mixed experience with Rogue Images Photography. In person and on the phone, Cody and the Rogue team were very personable, answered all our questions, and gave great advice. When we had a specific photo list, the Rogue team made sure to get all the poses and people combinations that we wanted. However, we experienced quite a few glitches. We received an engagement shoot as part of our wedding day package. We had a good time and expected to get our pictures back within a few weeks. Several weeks went by and other couples who had shoots after we did were featured on the Rogue blog. After a few emails, we were told that we had gotten lost in the shuffle and we would have our edits soon. It was obvious that the only edits that were made were adding filters to the pictures. Even basic edits weren't made (e.g. editing out hanger straps, cropping out people in the background, etc.). After making a list of specific edit requests to a few photos, it took several calls, emails, and texts to get all our edited photos back. The edits that we got back did not look like they were completed by a professional and we ended up having to re-edit some of them ourselves to make them useable. We didn't end up having edited photos back in time for our bridal showers or wedding invitations. On wedding day, we were grateful for Cody and Cory's help in organizing our schedule, flexing as needed due to weather and guests. They followed our list to make sure we got all of the poses that we wanted from many angles. Due to weather, our First Look pictures were taken inside rather than outside, limiting the number and poses that we could take. However, the Rogue team didn't clear out family and friends from the area, which led to all the First Look photos looking like group shots rather than First Look photos. Some of them could be edited to create the illusion of a moment between the two of us, but many couldn't. From there, it seemed like things got better throughout the day. Ceremony pictures turned out well, family pictures and group shots went quickly, and we were able to get tons of shots of the two of us around the venue. During the reception, however, lighting stands were placed close to the dance floor in all 4 corners. Sadly, this led to several photos being ruined as the flashes were too bright, crowd shots were washed out, and the people in the photos look like they have light exploding in and through their heads. The morning after our wedding, edited versions of wedding day photos were featured on Instagram and Facebook, giving us hope that our edits would be of higher quality than our engagement photos. When we received our wedding proofs back, we received every proof from the entire day to choose from and explicit instructions on the kinds of photos to choose (e.g. When looking at/for your favorite images, be sure to concentrate on pose & focus. Those are about the only 2 things I cannot change in editing. Too light/too dark etc along with yellow lighting (white balance issues due to regular light bulbs) I can fix.). We chose our allotted number to have edited, finding out after we chose them that some of them were too hard to rescue in editing. Some of these were due to lighting issues, which we had been led to believe could be fixed. Had we known that they weren't fixable, we would have chosen other photos to have edited. Our wedding photos had filters added and some basic cropping done, but again, obvious edits weren't made to the photos. It took emails, texts, and several more weeks to receive edited photos back. The edits that we received were quick fixes (e.g. cropping that led to grainy photos and blurring of light beams) that led to some edits looking worse than the originals. The amount of professional quality expected for wedding pictures was NOT the quality that we received from Rogue Images Photography. We did not get our money's worth.

why go rogue?

Your Life. Your Memories. Your Photos. Finally, a photography company that is all about YOU.

At Rogue Images Photography, you first and foremost get professional photography services at a fraction of the cost of other studios. Our goal is to make your photos 100% about you. Whether it be your wedding, senior portraits, family portraits, kids pictures, maternity or even newborn photography, we can do it all and are here for you to make it a unique and individual experience.

So why choose us for your photo session? A commitment to your time and your vision is absolutely paramount to us. After all, the photos will stay with you for a lifetime! We want your input, and your personality to come through! We want your photos to be a reflection of who you are, be it as a family, newly wed couple or a high school senior ready to make your mark on the world.

Amazing, affordable wedding photography. Finally, a photography company that is all about you!
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