Scout & Cellar - Uncork & Wine!

Scout & Cellar - Uncork & Wine!

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Kansas City, MO

Scout & Cellar - Uncork & Wine!


Scout & Cellar distributes Clean-Crafted wines that are grown naturally and bottled consciously.
-NO added chemicals or preservatives
-NO sugar added. Ever
-NO synthetic pesticides
-Family-owned vineyards and farms
-Sustainable, Organic, or Biodynamic farming methods
-Grapes harvest by hand
AND delivered to you by Scout & Cellar!
Only 2-3% of vineyards make wine this way. The FDA approves over 300 chemicals and pesticides in each bottle of wine and over 250 ppm of sulfites. All our wines have under 100ppm of sulfites.
We have all the wines independently tested to assure they are clean-Crafted. Don't let mass produced wines ruin your event!

Clean Crafted Wine - your guests will thank you!
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5231 NE Antioch Rd #322
Kansas City , MO 64119
Wedding Categories
Showers and Parties
Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Boat/Yacht, Showers, Rehearsal Dinners
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