About me: “Photography for me, and particularly wedding photography, is a way of telling true stories about real people,” says John. “Capturing images that reveal the honest emotions and feelings of the bride and groom as well as those of their friends and family, at this very special celebration, is extremely rewarding for me personally,” John reveals. “I do not like to categorize my style of wedding photography,” he says. “Although it is important to know all of the current trends, it is crucial to be able to create a portrait of your wedding experience that is true to your vision and your personality.” “Fashion photography, portrait photography, celebrity photography, commercial photography, photojournalistic photography, black and white, and color digital photography, all of these styles are employed at some point during your wedding day.” he says. John has been photographing weddings, professionally, for seven years, and has shot weddings for couples from as far away as Hong Kong, China, and Berlin, Germany. “I think what everyone wants from their wedding photography is to be able to look at those photos years from now and say, “Yes that’s exactly how it was… the ritual, the romance, the laughter and the joyful tears, that’s exactly right.”. For every wedding he shoots, John Shinner is committed to create images that will evoke those very, very special memories.

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