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Get your Wedding Phone Number for 6 months from TextEventPics.com

TextEventPics offers a new "Text-to-Web" technology, created by Ron & Annie. We just got married and used the service for our own wedding, it was Great!

We wanted an easy way to collect and share the pictures that our guests took on their phones, but that didn't require downloading an App. So, we utilized simple text messaging, something even our parents already know how to do.

Instead of putting disposable cameras on the tables or asking all of our guests to download and learn how to use a new App for a day; we made a service for brides that gives them a dedicated Wedding Phone Number, with your area code of choice.

Now, your guests can simply text message pictures to your Wedding Phone Number. The phone number is connected to a computer server, and the pictures are posted to your personal Photo Gallery or on your wedding's website in just a few seconds. Control over whose pictures get posted is included along with additional features.

Text-to-Web is the cool new technology, but the awesomeness lies in the simplicity and organization you get with your own Wedding Phone Number!

With your dedicated Wedding Phone Number you can easily collect and share pictures your guests take with their phones. No App! No Logins! Text Messaging is simple for all ages.
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