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The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone

The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone

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Kansas City, MO

The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone

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The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
(May 27, 2018 at 2:41 AM)
1 Beverley Anderson


This place is an absolute dump! The kitchen was a mess. Broken glass and dirty dishes left in the sinks!!! Mildew and filth in the refrigerator. Empty food containers left out on the counters. They had no dishes on the tables when it was time to serve food. We had to wait for the venue manager to approve use, then because the kitchen was so nasty and mildew was found on some of the dishes they were ask to wash them all before we could serve the bridle party and guest. The bath was a mess. The toilet ran over and leaked out into the space where guest were eating. Would never recommend this venue to anyone
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Broken contract
(April 10, 2018 at 7:36 AM)
5 Emily Martin


We did not have a good experience. Everything went south the week of the wedding. Nicholas called us on Monday telling us the elevator was broken. We called Christina to try to find out more details and start to make a new plan. They said they did not trust the elevator to take our 150 guests up to the 8th floor, that there was an elevator part on the way but it would not come in time for the wedding. Everything that we had planned for 9 months was thrown in the trash. They told us we had to move our reception to the first floor and basement. When we toured the space, I never liked the first floor option because of the split level and having to organize 2 spaces, and here I was having to do just that a few days before the wedding. They were never apologetic and never offered any help with making the new plans. I then had to spend extra money at the last minute with decorating the split level space; 2 bars, the DJ change floors, getting elderly guests to the basement without an elevator. The day of the wedding we found out that the elevator was working and there was another wedding on the 8th floor. Our groom and bridal suites changed as well. When we arrived the morning of the wedding, there was no staff to help and the rooms were all very hot. Thanks to friends and family many guests never knew of all the disaster. As for the actual event, the photo booth that was promised in writing for the night, was only open for 1 hr and then chained up. We (the bride and groom) never got to use it. We had planned to use the photos for the guestbook. Christina agreed that the guestbook would be a good idea. During dinner, guests water glasses were never refilled, most of the dirty dishes stayed on the tables, especially the head table. It had dinner plates there until we left. We never got the rooftop views, pictures and ambiance we were promised and signed a contract for. They told us we would get some sort of a refund, that never happened. Yes this place is still bad.
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Look beyond the View
(January 5, 2018 at 8:58 AM)
1 Lynn Gadacz


this place was bad from the start no working elevator to get guest to the lower level the building was freezing cold thermostats were locked at sixty four degrees and the owner was present most of the evening and when asked to turn up the heat he said tell everyone to put on their coats the staff never cleared the dinner tables leaving dirty dishes for the remainder of the evening and the bathrooms also were not maintained
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
(October 13, 2014 at 7:08 PM)
5 Willow Alvarado


Such a great couple to work with !!! They turned a horrible nightmare into such a perfect event!! Great staff, gorgeous venue, absolutely kind and accommodating!! Thank you so much Chris and Nicolas!!!!
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
(October 1, 2014 at 4:53 PM)
5 peggy avdeychik


The urban event space and staff made our daughter's wedding a spectacular event. The space was set just as we requested and the staff was extremely helpful the entire night. Thanks Chris and Nicholas .
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Thanks Urban Event!
(September 29, 2014 at 4:16 PM)
5 Mark s


Thanks you to Urban Event owners and staff for a wonderful night! We used the 3rd floor space for our Wedding and reception. We had around 90 attending and the size and feel are perfect for that number. The neon lighting and city lights after the sun goes down look very cool and gives off a real party vibe. The parking is not ideal for those who don't get around so well be prepare to assist anyone in need of help also have a sign on the sidewalk informing everyone exactly what floor you are on. Use Three Blonds for your Bartender and P B and J for catering and you are set for a perfect night!!!
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Vendor to Vendor review
(September 19, 2014 at 8:21 AM)
4.2 LaTasha James


The owners were SUPER easy to work with, always up beat and willing to help. They were the first people I saw and the last people I saw. A venue that has absent owners is a much different experience then venues whose owners are there 100% of the time. Chris and Nick will BEND over backwards for you. And not scared to get their hands dirty to make it work. ***I can not review cost-to-value as it was not my funds spent. Linens, table and chairs, napkins, and tableware, and glassware are all included and there for you to use. Other locations you would have to buy or rent them and the hassle of getting them on location.
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Overall OK
(September 18, 2014 at 2:17 PM)
4 Lynsey Justice


First and foremost I do not know of a more beautiful location for a wedding reception. That being said, had I not had a wedding coordinator who handled all of the issues behind the scenes, I do not know if I would rate as high. I know that the dish washer broke, the elevator broke, and few of the staff members were not the most polite. They did shut the doors and turn off the lights before we could get everything out of the building. We also ended up with a missing crate of alcohol. But, Chris and her husband were easy to work with. They followed through as far as what was promised in their contract, and they were extremely flexible about start and end times. If I were to do it again, I would most likely hold my reception there again.
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
A Most Wonderful Experience
(September 8, 2014 at 10:32 AM)
4.8 Tom Cole


We couldn't be happier with this venue for our son's wedding. The 8th floor has stunning views and the building has a unique look that just cannot be beat. The staff was attentive, friendly and very helpful throughout. They provided tables, chairs, linens, plates, chargers, silverware and the set-up was beautiful. The only thing that would have been better would be to have a greeter on the main floor to show the guests where to catch the elevator to the 8th floor. Other than that, this was a fantastic venue. Thank you Chris and Nick for the beautiful evening!
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Amazing Space and wonderful owners
(June 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM)
4.2 Hilary Kuehn


I had a great experience using the Historic Firestone building. At the beginning it was a little hard to communicate with the owners because they are so busy but that is understandable when they own so many properties. As it got closer to the wedding I was able to meet with Chris more as it got closer to the wedding. She was extremely helpful in showing me the best ways to set up the space for my wedding and giving us options for places to take photos. The day of the wedding her husband was even more accommodating. He let us take the Firestone van around town for our photos which saved us a big hassle. He made sure the Firestone lights were on for our photos. He constantly asked what he could do to help. The venue offers way more items with your rental than a lot of places do. Cake cutting, napkins, silverware and china, table clothes, amazing chairs and tables, their staff sets up the ceremony and reception which is included in the cost. They include cake cutting which was also really nice. You do have to hire security and ushers which is an extra cost that I didn't think was necessary. I thought one officer would have been enough instead of hiring 2 plus 2 ushers. The 3rd floor has great dressing rooms for the wedding party which was fun to hang out in the morning of. The 1st floor is beautiful and the 8th floor where we had our Reception was amazing. I love the chandeliers and it looked beautiful all set up. I looked at every option in my price range for my wedding and I know I picked the best one for my day. I want to thank the owners for being accommodating and for having a great space for brides. I was really picky but got everything I wanted.
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Urban Event - an absolute JOY all around!
(January 27, 2014 at 12:08 PM)
5 Shannon Blake


As event coordinators ourselves, my husband and I were looking for specific qualities in a wedding and reception venue, as well as the staff that came with it. We could not have found a more perfect fit than the Historic Firestone Building, owner Chris, and her entire staff. Chris went above and beyond for us, as we were planning our KC wedding from out of state. She was extremely attentive and such a joy to meet with when in town. The day of the wedding, I truly did not have to think about one single thing. Every single detail was effortlessly taken care of behind-scenes and I was able to enjoy 100% of the day! Beyond that, the venue is just hands-down beautiful! Urban loft environment, 360 degree window view of the city, untouched raw walls, chandeliers... Gorgeous. I wish I could throw parties here every weekend. Thank you, Chris & staff, for making my dream wedding come true!
The Urban Event at the Historic Firestone
Review Title
(October 22, 2013 at 3:19 PM)
5 First Nametrish Last Namecattron

First Nametrish

Comments We just had our daughters wedding on this past Saturday night at the historic Firestone building. Everything exceeded expectations! The staff at the Firestone did an incredible job. The view and the space is so beautiful. Chris Abnos worked with me on the layout of our party and was always so good to check with me if things were going to be different. When we had to change the way the wedding party entered, within minutes she was on top of it and what could have been stressful ran very smoothly. I would recommend this space to anyone, and would definitely use it again!