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Wendy's Bridal Cincinnati

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Wendy's Bridal Cincinnati

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Wendy's Bridal Cincinnati
A wonderful place to find your dream wedding dress
(August 13, 2014 at 2:32 PM)
5 Diada H


A wonderful place to find your dream wedding dress, a sweet wonderful lady named Sally helped me find my perfect dress I recommended this place over any other place here in Cincinnati that's from my experience and I'm very thrilled with my experience! Great prices for beautiful dresses!!! :)
Wendy's Bridal Cincinnati
Not the best in responsiveness with alterations
(June 28, 2010 at 5:14 PM)
3.2 Yeyin Yi


went here as my last resort because I thought it would be a little too expensive for me. I was not one to cherish or find sentiment in my wedding dress, but I also wanted something tasteful and classy. I bought my dress off the rack, off season, and with a bit of damage. The price is was UNBEATABLE and the dress was actually a very, very nice name brand. We negotiated the price aggressively (per my mother), and we received it actually at an unheard of price. Because of this, I give this place a high Value of Cost. They also provide a steam cleaning free of charge, and of course, had the damage repaired (a rip at the seam at the end of the train and discolored spot was cleaned). I give a low Responsiveness because it took two months to get the damage repaired and my dress cleaned. I had my dress altered elsewhere, so I needed the dress ASAP. Each time I called, there always was an excuse, which I didn't believe. I can't say that Wendy's had the best selection nor the best customer service, but it was where I got my dress. Despite the little annoyances, I am/was very pleased with my dress. It was off-white, royal satin, embellished, strapless, and ball gown. See my review for our photographer and check out her blog. You can see the dress there.