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Our 12 Favorite Wedding Podcasts – These Are A Must-Listen

When you’re planning for your big day, you will want to talk about and read about weddings for inspiration.

What better way to get in the mood and immerse yourself in the world of weddings than listening to a podcast?

Our Favorite Wedding Podcasts

We’ve shortlisted our absolute favorite wedding podcasts (as there are TONS) to make your choice a little easier.

Keep reading and find your next listen!

1. Bridechilla Podcast

The Bridechilla Podcast, founded by Aleisha McCormack, is a top-rated wedding planning podcast, and it had to take our number one spot (not that we’re ranking them!)

This podcast is aimed at reducing stress and promoting authenticity in wedding planning.

With over 370 episodes, it offers practical guidance on various aspects of weddings, including timelines, mental health, and family dynamics.

Aleisha’s approach is no-nonsense, encouraging couples to focus on what truly matters and discard the rest.

Popular episodes like “The Fuck It Bucket” and “Ditching Wedding Stress & Anxiety” emphasize letting go of unnecessary stress and obligations.

The podcast also supports a vibrant community where listeners share their experiences and tips​​​​.

Give it a listen.

2. Inclusively Yours

Up next is Love Inc.’s wedding planning podcast – Inclusively Yours – which focuses on inclusivity and diversity in the wedding industry.

It is hosted by Love Inc. founder Brittny Drye and aims to provide a platform for all couples, regardless of their background, to share their wedding planning experiences.

The podcast covers a range of topics, from vendor selection to overcoming planning challenges, all with an inclusive perspective.

The goal is to ensure every couple feels seen and supported during their wedding planning journey, making it a valuable resource for those looking to plan a wedding that reflects their unique love story (and one of our absolute favorites).

3. Woman Getting Married Podcast

The Woman Getting Married Podcast, hosted by the editor-in-chief of, offers practical advice and insider tips for couples planning their weddings.

Each episode delves into different aspects of wedding planning, from budgeting and vendor selection to decor and guest lists.

The podcast aims to help couples navigate the often overwhelming wedding planning process with ease and confidence.

Listeners can expect expert advice, real-life wedding stories, and tips on how to make their special day memorable and personal.

4. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Hosted by seasoned wedding planners Michelle Martinez and Christy Matthews, The Big Wedding Planning Podcast provides comprehensive advice on wedding planning from the perspective of industry insiders and is well worth a listen.

With episodes covering everything from budgeting to dealing with family dynamics, Michelle and Christy bring their extensive experience to help couples plan their weddings smoothly.

Their candid discussions and practical tips make this podcast a go-to resource for those looking to manage the complexities of wedding planning with expert guidance.

5. Put A Ring On It Podcast

The Put A Ring On It Podcast, hosted by wedding planners Danielle Pasternak and Daniel Moyer, offers a blend of practical advice and behind-the-scenes insights into the wedding planning industry.

Each episode tackles common planning challenges, from managing budgets to dealing with difficult family members.

Danielle and Daniel’s dynamic and approachable style makes the podcast both informative and entertaining, helping couples feel more confident and prepared as they plan their weddings.

6. Every Day I’m Bustlin’ Podcast

Hosted by Ryan and Samie Roberts, the co-founders of Bustld, the Every Day I’m Bustlin’ Podcast offers detailed advice for every stage of wedding planning.

Airing every other Tuesday, the husband-wife team covers topics from the initial steps of planning to day-of details, including where to splurge and where to save.

Their episodes are designed to help brides and grooms make informed decisions for their big day​​.

Our Favorite Wedding Podcasts

7. So You’re Engaged, Now What? Podcast

Hosted by Jean and Natasha from Live Picture Studios, the So You’re Engaged, Now What? Podcast helps newly engaged couples navigate the wedding planning process.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from budgeting and vendor selection to managing wedding day logistics.

Jean and Natasha also share personal experiences and tips from their own weddings, making the podcast relatable and practical for couples starting their planning journey.

8. Hue I Do Wedding Podcast

The Hue I Do Wedding Podcast, hosted by best friends Ashleigh Coffie and Toniah Paryo Gray, offers a unique perspective on marriage, weddings, and life through the lens of Black brides and grooms.

Both newlyweds, Ashleigh and Toniah were each other’s Maids of Honor and bring their personal experiences and candid discussions to the podcast.

They cover a variety of topics including cultural traditions, family dynamics, and finding inclusive vendors, providing valuable insights for couples planning their weddings.

The podcast is known for its supportive community and authentic conversations, making it a valuable resource for those looking to celebrate their love authentically.​

9. The Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Podcast

The Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Podcast is a wedding planning podcast brought to you by two wedding industry professionals, Kate and Alyson.

They provide the inside scoop, tips, and commentary on all things wedding-related. From planning advice to industry trends, Kate and Alyson share their expertise to help couples navigate the wedding planning process with ease and confidence.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to plan a memorable and stress-free wedding.

10. The Bouquet Toss Podcast

The Bouquet Toss Podcast is designed to empower couples to plan their weddings authentically.

Hosted by Jessica Bishop, founder of, and cohost Sari Mayer, this podcast delves into the history behind wedding traditions and trends.

Instead of prescribing what couples should do, it offers insights and resources to help them make informed decisions about what to include or exclude from their big day.

The goal is to inspire couples to have their wedding their way, free from outdated rules, ensuring their celebration feels true to them.

11. Aisle Seat Podcast

The Aisle Seat Podcast is perfect for those planning a wedding or simply wedding-obsessed. Hosted by Alison, a seasoned magazine editor, writer, and wedding expert, this podcast shares her extensive expertise through engaging conversations with acclaimed wedding industry professionals.

Listeners can tune in every Thursday for insightful episodes featuring notable figures such as fashion designers Kate Halfpenny, Claire Pettibone, and Jackson Wiederhoeft, celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin, and design guru Tiffany Pratt.

The Aisle Seat Podcast aims to inspire, educate, and entertain, offering a front-row seat (not an aisle seat) to the joy, romance, beauty, and drama that weddings entail.

12. Wedding Planning Decisions: This vs That Podcast

Hosted by Kelly McWilliams, the Wedding Planning Decisions: This vs That Podcast offers a unique approach to wedding planning by exploring the pros and cons of various planning decisions.

Each episode delves into specific choices couples face, such as indoor vs. outdoor venues or formal vs. casual attire, helping them make informed decisions that align with their vision and budget.

Our Final Word

If you’re looking for something to listen to while setting your big-day budget or planning your wedding, we recommend giving one of the above podcasts a try.

Not only will they get you in the mood, but we’re sure you’ll pick up some helpful tips along the way.